Roulette launch for an online casino


Online casinos have more or less approximated the number of games that are available in a conventional brick and mortar casino. Thanks to the constant developments in technology, these electronic versions of different casino games are very realistic and give online gambling players a fairly accurate and equal chance had they decided to gamble in a regular casino.Of course, not all electronic versions of popular casino games are created equal.

There are still some games that are a bit harder to program or fail to bring about the same excitement that is brought by the original game. One of these games is roulette. But leave it to various experts and companies to try to come up with the most accurate rendition of a game they can possible develop. Recently, UKBetting and Totalbet announced that it has teamed up with Electracade – a well known specialist in gaming –in order to launch an online version of roulette.

The new electronic gambling game will be using the Oribs OpenBet System and is said to be designed to give the customer the best online roulette experience that they can get.

Some of the features of the new roulette game are:

* A photo realistic game wheel done in 3D

* More than 12,000 unique real life motion captured result animations

* real ball drop sound is used for the animation

* The original game layout for roulette is employed to make using and playing the game easier and less confusing.

According to Mark Paling, the director of Electracade, the wheel design, ball spin and sound sampling are painstakingly made to look real so that clients will enjoy the best online version of roulette on the internet.

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