World’s Largest Online Tournament Rescheduled


With its new and bold moves the Ongame Network Poker Classic or ONPC is touted to become the biggest online poker tournament on earth and reputedly bigger than tournaments at pokerstars. As a way for more players to get the chance to participate in the big event, the tournament is going to be rescheduled for November.The ONPC tournament is expected bring in a record breaking guaranteed prize pool total ling $5 million. At least $1 million of that is going to the final winner.

The decision to postpone the said event was arrived at so that new poker operators who are expected to join the network – among them the new bwin Poker – will get a chance to offer their own stable of players a chance at winning millions.

The ONPC is going to be a “flight” tournament that will start online on the 4th of November and then pausing the play when the competitors reach just 45. The said players will then be flown to Barcelona, Spain to participate in a live final where the competitors will battle one another face to face in a more conventional (read: on the table) manner for a cash prize of a minimum of $1 million. The players will continue with the same chip stacks that they had acquired in the online tournament at the time it was paused.

The tournament final will be held at the prestigious Casino de Barcelona during the weekend of December 2 – 3, 2006.

As an addition to the prizes that will be offered there will also be an additional $50,000 freeroll most especially for the players who have qualified early for the said tournament. The extra value is being offered as a form of enticement and goodwill to players who may have been affected by the change in the dates.


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