Chimp mascot to continue getting sponsorship


It looks like Mikey the Chimp, who has been practicing extensively for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) for the past several months, will now not be appearing at the said event.But based on the chimp’s sponsors,, they are still not giving up on their objective to help Mikey earn his retirement money from the winnings he will get at the poker tournament.

According to Jeffrey Pollock, the vice president of Harrah’s Entertainment, he rejected Mikey the Chimp’s participation at the World Series of Poker. But Pokershare has expressed their determination to find another poker tournament that will finally allow Mikey to play.

Max Wright, Poker Room Manager, expressed that “Mikey will overcome this rejection into the WSOP 2006 and keep practicing until another poker tournament picks him up. We will sponsor him in whatever tournament will accept him because we know a chimp can beat a chump.” A lot of people have expressed their disappointment over the decision of the World Series of Poker to not allow Mikey the Chimp to compete.

Jude Harrison, the chimp’s trainer and “mother”, broke into tears when she was told of the news that her ward will be excluded from the tournament. According to Harrison, “Mikey has been training for months and really had a shot at winning money to live with me for the rest of his life. I can’t believe they won’t let him in.”

Mikey the Chimp was trained to recognize colors, shapes and perform on television wearing his trademark green poker visor and sunglasses. Pokershare has reiterated their commitment to Mikey saying, “’He embodies the brand of because he is playful, fun, and different.”


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