Online casino’s one wallet system gives players choices


Innovation is the key to driving more customers to your business and constant innovation is needed so that your customers will always have something to look forward to.This may be what has driven online casino group Grand Prive as it becomes the first online casino to introduce a new one wallet system that allows players to choose from eight top tier casinos where they can play while only using just one account.

All Grand Prive players now have a single sign up name as well as one wall for all of the eight casinos, which includes Casino Grand Bay, Bella Vegas, Jupiter club, Lake Palace, Road House REELS, Jackpot Wheel Flash and Fortune Junction Flash.

According to Grand Prive Manager Steven Green, “We know people like to check out different casinos. But who can keep track of a million User IDs and passwords and accounts?” He said that with just one account to worry about they are more likely to manage it better.

He also shared that another benefit of the single wallet is the bonuses. He said that with just one wallet, bonuses from one casino can be used at any of the other casinos in the list.

The new one wallet system also features a Virtual Pit Boss. This state of the art customer service tool allows players to interact with the casino in real time and then allow the casino to give player a high level of personalized service that they would usually get in such casino centers as Atlantic City or Las Vegas.


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