Greatest Casino Moments Ever


I was 18 when I first went into a casino. It was in Central City, Colorado. There is a lot of history in Central City. That was the draw in fact. I grew up on an Indian Reservation so I had a negative image of gambling in my head. Having grown up religious we were taught that gambling was wrong,was evil, horrid sinful,etc. I have since erased the folly of my youth and found it to be an enjoyable past time.

Central City is a town soaked in history. A gold mining town with a gorgeous narrow guage railroad I was fascinated more with the railroad history than the casinos. But as time grew on I’ve learned to love the casinos. It’s by far my luckiest casino city in the world. I’ve never played in Atlantic City. Los Vegas hates me. And well Butte,Montana and I have a good bit of luck. But Central City is the one place I’ve walked out with substantially more than what I came in with.

My favorite little hole in Central City is a place called Doc Holliday’s. Roughly 200 slot machines, a poker table and a blackjack table make for a heck of a lot of fun. It’s really a gem of a place. I came in with 100 dollars in my pocket and a voucher for free food, and 20 dollars of free slots. I walked out with 300 bucks and a full stomach.

The key for me is to avoid drinking as much as possible. When I play slots when I win walk away. So I tend to try and eat first. Eat plenty. Then head over to the slots. I make a mental note to play only what money I have and then walk away. If I win. I automatically walk away. So if I win on the first pull. It’s done. I walk away. I don’t keep playing.

At Doc’s I won within an hour and I walked away. 

I don’t always have the good discipline. But this time I did. Remember if you are going to gamble at a casino set rules and boundaries for yourself that way you don’t wake up hungover and broke. Unless that’s your goal of course.


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