Basic Casino Vocabulary


Action – the amount of money a player wagers during a playing session.

Active player – a person who is still in play (poker).

Aggregate winnings – total winnings.

All-in – means to bet all your chips in cardroom poker.

Ante – refers to a bet required to start at hand in card games.

Arm – refers to a player who is skillful in throwing the dice that he can change the odds of the game.

Bankroll – refers to the total money that a player or the casino has on hand to support their betting activities.

Barred – means banned from the casino premises permanently.

Beef – is a dispute over the result of a bet which involves a player and his casino dealer.

Black Book – the list of people not allowed to enter any casino in Nevada.

Blind bet – refers to a bet in poker placed without the player seeing any of his cards.

Bonus – money given for free such as when registering to an online casino.

Break-even – getting the same amount of winnings as your bets.

Buck – refers to a $100 bet.

Burn cards – the cards removed from the top of the deck and placed in the discard tray after a shuffle and cut.

Buy in – converting the chips into cash before joining a table game.

Call – means to match a bet in poker.

Camouflage – any action made by a skilled gambler to hide his activities from the casino.

Capping – placing extra chips on top of the first bet after the deal has started.

Cardsharp – an expert at cards.

Carousel – slot machines arranged in a ring allowing a change person to stand in the center.

Carpet joint – refers to a luxury gambling casino.

Case money – is an emergency money.

Cashier’s cage – is the casino cash desk where players can cash in their chips.

Casino rate – a lower rate for hotel rooms offered by casinos to good customers.

Check – is another word used for a chip. In poker, it can also mean to stay in the game but not to bet.

Copy – means a player and a banker have a similar two-card or five-card hand especially in Pai Gow poker.

Comps — are complimentary gifts provided by the Casino as a reward for people for their gaming loyalty. These include complimentary meals, beverages or promotional items.

Cut – to divide a deck of cards into two parts.

Cut card – a faceless card usually either red or black used to cut a deck of cards.

Deal – means to give out the cards in a card game.

Deuce – means a two in dice.

Dollar bet – refers to a $100 wager.

Down to the felt – means to be broke or totally out of money.

Draw – means to draw a card in poker games.

Eye in the sky – refers to surveillance cameras situated on the ceilings of the casino’s gaming area.

Fill – to draw a card to make a five-card hand in poker.

Firing – means to bet a large sum of money.

Fish – refers to a player who loses his money.

Flat betting – betting the same amount on every wager.

Flat top – a slot machine that gives out a fixed amount for a jackpot.

Front money – refers to cash or bank checks a player deposits with a casino to make a credit against that money.

Grease – is a bribe.

Hot – refers to a player who is winning or a slot machine that pays out well.

Ladderman – is a casino employee who supervises a game of baccarat.

Mechanic – is a slang word for a dealer who cheats.

Online Poker – – Poker played online

Payline — is the line on a window of a slot machine on which the symbols from each reel should line up.

Progressive — refers to a slot machine whose potential jackpot goes up with every coin played.

Shoe — is the device used to hold and dispense playing cards.

Suit — refers to any of the four types of cards – clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades.

Wildcard — is the joker or other card a player can use to complete his hand in card games.


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