Maximize Your Comps (Part 3)


In the last post we talked about tables and staying put in order to get as many comps as you can. In this post, let’s focus on the people involved in the casino. The floor manager is often mistaken for the pit boss. He has a bit more power though, when it comes to comps. Upon his discretion, he can award you comps – just because he wants to.

So if you are playing at a table and you see the floor manager hovering around, show off. He is more likely than not watching how much you are betting, how much you are winning and how much you are losing. More than that, chat him up. Look for opportunities to make small talk with him. What you want is for him to get to know you and to somehow like you enough so that he will give you the comps that you are after.

Ever heard of the casino hosts? They are also called the casino marketing reps. They are also good people to know when it comes to comps. Just some examples of what casino hosts can do for you: reduced air fares, set up lines of credit, reduced or free rooms, and take food and beverage bills off your tabs. What you would want to do is start up a relationship with them.

Know them by name, get their numbers. Before you go on a trip to Vegas, give them a call and let them know that you are coming. Of course, the comps they award still depend on your play, so set realistic expectations.


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