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I ran across an article titled “Confessions of a casino pit boss” which was published by MSNBC way back in January of this year. It is so informative and useful and I can’t believe that I didn’t run across this when it was first published! Anyhow, I thought that I’d share it with you. Here goes.

The house edge
No matter what game you’re talking about — blackjack, craps, Elvis Presley slot machines — the odds are always in the casino’s favor. This advantage is called the house edge and ensures that the casinos stay in business. They aren’t cheating; they’ll lose their license if they rip you off. But there are plenty of legal ways they can get you to stop paying attention to your bet.

I have heard of this so many times that I do not know if I should believe it. Then again, if you think about how many times you find yourself losing in a casino, then it might be true. This information, however, should not really discourage you to play. Just find out what the odds are and play your best. After all, it’s all for fun!

Skip the free vodka
If you’re serious about gambling, don’t drink while you do it. Alcohol is a casino’s best friend: It makes you do things no sane, rational person would ever think of doing, like betting your entire paycheck on red 22 — again! In gambling jargon, a fish is an easy mark, and there’s a reason casinos try to make you drink like one. Also, be wary if a casino starts offering you other freebies, especially after you’ve won a lot. The casino owners are going to do whatever they can to keep you there so they can win their money back.

I could have told you this myself – alcohol and gambling do not mix. That is, at least for the gambler. You need all your wits when gambling and drinking will surely impair your judgment.

More next time!


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