Do You Play In International Online Casinos?


At this point in time, you probably do – just like countless other people who like online gambling.  There really is not much of a choice, now, is there?  With the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act well in place, the companies behind online casinos have not had a choice but to expand their operations in countries other than the United States.

There really should not be an issue as to where the online casino is based – at least with respect to game play and experience.  After all, these are basically the same people who used to offer online casinos in the United States.  The technology is the same and so is the casino experience.

The problem arises when you talk about banking options and language issues.  For one, banking options change drastically as the US dollar may not be the default currency anymore.  It makes sense for these foreign online casinos to take on the default currency of their host nation.  It is a good thing if the currency is weaker than the dollar.  But even so, when one carries out transactions overseas, banks would charge a hefty fee.  That is always to the detriment of the player, right?  With regard to language, English-speaking players might have problems with the interface and customer support.

The question is this: would you continue playing in a foreign casino if you encountered these problems? Is the experience worth it?  I would have to say yes – especially since there aren’t that many alternatives at the moment.  Would you agree?


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