Gun Lake Tribe To Construct Casino


Residents of Allegan County in Michigan and surrounding areas are going to enjoy something new in the near future – a new casino complex.  Aside from the fact that casino gaming will be available once the construction is finished, a lot of new jobs will also become available, thanks to the Gun Lake Tribe.

The casino is to be called Gun Lake Casino (yeah, a little child could have told you that, huh?) and is made possible by the permission of the federal government.  As a matter of fact, this permission seems to have been giving grudgingly as the tribe had to fight long and hard for this to become a reality.  Tribal Chairman D.K. Sprague actually is quoted as saying that “Now it’s official. Justice has been served to those who were motivated by greed and power to delay this project for nearly ten years.”

There has been a lot of opposition – and there still is – to establishing another casino in Michigan.  Some residents believe that the state does not need anymore casinos.  Law enforces also have pointed out that they will need more manpower to deal with the issues that a casino would certainly bring.  Others point out that the negative social impact of casinos is far heavier than the positive financial benefits that they bring.

No matter, the tribe has won and they will be constructing a 190,000 square-foot casino that will have 2,500 slot machines and 75 gaming tables.  This means jobs for almost 2,000 people and lots of fun for casino goers.


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