Napa Valley Casino


Are you looking for a new casino to frequent? What are your “requirements” for a good casino? If your type is a small and cosy casino, and you live in the vicinity of the Bay Area in California, then the Napa Valley Casino is for you. The Napa Valley Casino is located on Highway 29 in American Canyon and the people behind its operations have gone the opposite direction of the idea that the bigger the better.

How small is small? Well, for starters, the Napa Valley Casino only has 9 tables. If you are not sure as to how much space that takes, go to the nearest Starbucks branch and take a look around – the Napa Valley Casino is only slightly bigger than that in all probability. The origins of this casino are as humble as it is today. It was started in the 70s, with lowball and 7-card stud games as the highlights. In 2006, however, the management changed hands under BVK Gaming.

BVK Gaming has since then cleaned up the grungy act by putting new carpeting, flat screen TVs, and of course, free food! Out of the 9 tables, 7 are for poker. Naturally, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is the most popular. Another good thing about this casino is that the limits are quite affordable – anywhere from $3 to $8. This is perhaps one big reason a lot of people flock to the casino; that, and the fact that tournaments are held 5 days of the week.

For more information on the casino, visit the Napa Valley Casino web site.


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