Casino Bars In Danger


One of the things that make it more fun to play at a real casino is the casino bar that serves you all the alcohol that you want. While I would strongly recommend NOT drinking a lot if you want to win at the tables, a drink or two surely would not hurt. It might even enhance the whole casino experience. After all, a unit or two of alcohol never hurt anyone, right?

Drinking to the extreme and then driving is another matter altogether, however, and this was brought to the forefront of the issue when an accident occurred on I-395 in Connecticut. According to reports, a motorist coming from the Mohegan Sun Casino was driving the wrong way down the interstate and hit a van carrying a college student among others. The Connecticut college student was killed as a result. The driver has stated that he was drinking at the casino prior to the accident, which occurred at 3:40 am.

This incident has prompted Governor M. Jodi Rell to withdraw her plan of extending casino bar hours to 24 hours. The original plan was to do so in order to provide more revenue for the casinos as well as the state. This accident emphasizes the need for regulations when it comes to drinking before driving, however. And while most people I know would not drink to the excess in casinos and then drive home in the wee hours of the morning, there will always be one or two who would not hesitate to do so.

Although the idea of a 24 hour bar in a casino appeals to me, this accident has made me think as well.


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