Trump Casinos Folds


Figuratively, that is, and not the entire operations. I am only referring to a recent decision by the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino to stop the use of its 14 automated poker tables. They have only tried out the tables for a few months.

At the beginning, the aim of the casino operators was to entice more people – especially those from the younger generation – to play poker in their establishment. After all, these automated poker tables are the result of cutting edge technology. And we know very well how hi tech things can attract people these days. Unfortunately, their hopes were not really realized. As a matter of fact, not too many people were attracted by the prospect of playing at automated tables.

I am sure that you have heard of these automated poker tables before. While the conventional tables are nothing but pieces of furniture, these hi tech poker tables have all the functions that are carried out by a real live dealer. You don’t even need real cards for automated poker tables. They use electronic cards, which are automatically shuffled by the incorporated software. The dealer, obviously, is electronic as well. Everything that a player does – call, bet, raise, fold, etc. – is inputted into the machine by touch controls.

I can see very well why not everyone was delighted with these poker tables. After all, a large part of the fun in playing poker is touching the cards, playing with them, fiddling with your chips, vocally calling out your move, and so on. No wonder that the Trump casino pulled them out.


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