Dungeons & Dragons At Virgin


There are games that have such a lasting power that they transcend age, gender, and generation. Perhaps one of the best examples of these kinds of games is Dungeons & Dragons. I remember merely reading about this game as a child, and I still remember with clarity how my parents taught me to stay away from it. Way back then, traditionalists viewed this game as being the “tool of the Devil.” Today, it is seen as more of the game it is and less of the evil people thought it was. And believe you me, it has transcended more than generations – it has crossed over to other activities other than the board game.

Virgin Games Casino has in fact introduced a new online slot game based on the Dungeons & Dragons theme. Titled “Dungeons & Dragons: Fortress of Fortunes,” this slot game has 20 paylines and 5 reels. With these figures involved, it is easy enough to see that there are so many possibilities for any player to win big. To give you an idea, some of the possibilities include Stacked Wilds, multipliers, and as many as 180 free spins!

A twist to this slot game is The Bonus Dungeon, which is unlocked if 3 bonus symbols appear. Unlocking The Bonus Dungeon gives you even more possibilities of winning as you are given the chance to explore the dungeon, which is rife with treasures, multipliers, and free spins!

For the chance to experience this new slot game – and other theme slot games as well – visit Virgin Casino.


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