Orleans Casino Offers A New Way to Bet Roulette


A new gaming option for roulette has been developed by Casino Gaming and is in operation at the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas. The game, called COLORS, is the first betting option on the roulette wheel that allows players to gamble beyond a single spin of the wheel.

According to an article at Casino City Times, COLORS features players betting on a series of three consecutive numbers of the same color turning up, be it black or red. Where a single spin bet on either red or black pays even money, hitting at COLORS pays 8 to 1.

The house edge at COLORS comes out to 4.34 percent. This is more than the house edge on European tables, with a single green zero, but less than the house edge of 5.26 percent found on US roulette tables, which carry two green numbers, zero and double zero.

By that standard, COLORS becomes the best bet on the roulette wheel, while hopefully helping casinos by drawing new players, encouraging slightly larger bets, and keeping people at the roulette tables rather than seeing them play a spin or two and move away.

Casino Gaming is theĀ  company that developed the Automatic Win play for blackjack and the 7 Point 7 bet on the craps table.


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