Online Casino Site, VIP Casino, Upping the Ante, Offers Four Tournaments in January


I recently was sent a press release from the online site, VIP CASINO, which is licensed in Malta, I believe.

What’s pretty cool is that this is a site that usually offers up one or at most two tournaments a month.

Not this January.

The news from the site owners is that they are offering up four tournaments in Jan. 2010; a damned good way to start out the year in my view.

Even better, all four are freerolls.

Some explanation here for those who don’t know anything about VIP CASINO. You log in to the Play for Real casino and migrate to the tournament.

By going to More Games.

Sign up and you are credited with a $500 token balance.

Players have a maximum of 10 minutes in which they must endeavor to increase their tournament token balance to the maximum extent possible.

The top winner in each online tournament will receive a prize of $200.

Nice. There are second and third prizes as well.

Two tournaments are slot games, Millionaires Club 9 Line Slot and Sweet Thing Slot.

Follow instructions to find out more. But believe me…the slots are VERY VERY awesome.

Why believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Then, if you have some thoughts, let me know.

And by the way, no one paid me to write any of this. It’s just a cool online casino.


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