A Casino in Hawaii? Could Happen As Legislators Consider Legalizing Gambling


The Aloha state, which has always made it’s living on the tourism industry, is now considering legalizing gambling.

Say what? It’s all about the state’s budget deficit. Naturally. Did you ever think it was about anything else but money?

Ain’t it funny how state legislatures after state legislatures around the country have all of sudden adopted gambling as a way to creek out of large budgetary free falls. Hawaiian lawmakers are struggling to find ways to help ease their deficits. So state house speaker Calvin Say said one of the answers is legalizing one casino for Hawaii.

The thinking goes that it would bring millions of dollars into the state budget through taxes from the gambling winnings. “It is just another issue that we should consider because if there is a license that is sold, we pick up so many millions of dollars,” said Say, as reported by a Hawaiian TV station. “It is just an option on the budget side.” Say noted that a new casino would also help with the state’s unemployment rate.

If a casino was to open in Hawaii, he said, it is estimated that over 4,000 jobs would become available. The job creation and the millions of dollars may be something that state lawmakers can not turn down.

Hawaiian residents would have to approve the issue, and that’s a tricky proposition. In the past, residents have rejected proposals for casino gambling. The issue of whether or not to legalize gambling is a big topic around the nation. Many states have expanded their gambling laws during the recession to help with budget shortcomings.

Other states where gambling was already legal, have expanded their options.


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