What’s Going on in Europe? Another Casino Robbed. Another Reason to Frequent Online Casinos, My Friends


This is all too weird.

Being a conspiracy buff, I can’t help but feel that there is connection between all of the robbers who have hit casinos in Europe.

There is a master mind here. Or at least a pretty good copy cat mastermind.

Here is the story, from various media sources and police reports:

Masked men carrying assault rifles burst into a crowded French casino early Sunday, fired shots at the ceiling and made off with about 28,000 euros (about $37,800 USD).

Police said it took only three minutes for the thieves to carry out their operation at “Le Pharaon” casino in the central city of Lyon — IRONICALLY located just down the street from the headquarters of Interpol, the international police agency.

Talk about a slap in the face of authority.

The men used an angle grinder to break into the cashiers’ area.

Another man waited outside. They used a a black BMW to escape.

Two security guards had light injuries while none of the 200 clients inside were hurt.

The casino’s director, Guy Benhamou, told TF1 television that his accountants believed the thieves made off with about 28,000 euros.

This makes me even more receptive to doing my playing at online casinos thank you. In the privacy and SAFETY of my own home.

How do you feel? I mean…if you happen to read this in France…or Germany…or wherever there are casinos. Are you afraid that some thugs might bust into the casino where you are playing?

Or does it not just bother you at all?


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