St. Louis Developers Submitting Plans for a New Casino


Developers who want to open a new St. Louis casino have until April 27 (today, as I post this) to submit their plans to city council.

As is typical with plans, it has to include all the basic information needed for the decision makers at the St. Louis Development Corp.

I’ve dealt with government development agency and I know things have to be proper and beneficial to their communities.

A selection committee of city officials will then look at the proposals and choose one to support before the Missouri Gaming Commission.

The city, apparently, would prefer a “boat-in-a-moat” casino project adjacent to the Mississippi River rather than a barge-based facility.

The city also wants developers to include plans for complementary amenities, secured parking, fencing and landscaping. Blah blah blah.

Get it?

Missouri’s 13th and final gambling license will become available in July.

Of course, this is all about St. Louis generating new tax revenue and jobs in the city.

Projects selected for recommendation must also reimburse the city for legal and consulting costs related to the process.

Separately, the Missouri Gaming Commission requires its own filing fee of $50,000 as set by state statute.

Interesting. But typical. Some people might despise gambling, and I can understand it. But you can’t deny that it is helping cash starved jurisdictions from raising money. And keeping taxes stable.


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