Bodog Casino Has $634,000 “Progressive” Winner


You know how I HATE posting press releases. Goes against my grain as a journalist (I have won Associated Press awards as a reporter).

Not that press releases don’t give you information. But it is always slanted to the group that it represents.

You never get a press release saying So and So casino sucks.

Nevertheless, I just got one and I think you all should know about it. Cos it’s real cool.

Bodog online casino announced that its popular progressive jackpot online slot Jackpot Pinatas had been hit for $634,000.

The winner was one Linda W from Indiana. This ranks as one of the biggest hits in the history of Bodog Casino.

Linda’s story: She and her husband own a landscaping business. She works hard all day at it despite her age of 61.

When she returns she logs on to Bodog Casino and relaxes on her favorite slot game Jackpot Pinatas. Being a responsible gambler she quits when she has used up her allotted bankroll for the day.

On the day she won, Linda was down to her last $52. It was then that she triggered the Pinata feature. At the end of this bonus game players are awarded up to 25 free spins. Linda won only 10, but that was more than good enough. On her second free spin the reels showed 5 Bull Pinata symbols in a payline and Linda had hit the progressive jackpot.

Linda has played other casino games at Bodog Casino from time to time. She mentioned three reel classics like Triple 7 Inferno and Bank On It and video slots like Fruit Frenzy, Honey to the Bee, Paradise Dreams and Rain Dance as games she has liked.

Linda’s ┬áto do list after this win reads – paying off their bills, investing in new equipment for their landscaping business and surgery for her husband. Also Linda plans to help some friends and family. She confessed, “I’m more of a giver than a taker. I’ve got a friend I want to help and I have one grandchild going to college I want to help.”

Now, take this for what it is worth. I don’t know if any of this is true. It’s a good story though.

And for the record, I like Bodog casino. I think they’re honest folks there.


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