Massachusetts Closer to Legalizing Casino Resort Gambling


Obviously…one step closer.

That’s the big news coming out of the Massachusetts’ Senate last week.

Now the question is, what compromises have to be made so that the House can sign off on the proposal?

Governor Duval Patrick has been quoted as saying he will intervene and help reconcile the two versions of the bill.

One thing seems for certain though: casino gambling is coming to the Bay state.

As I read it, the two legislative bodies haveĀ a deadline of July 31st to reconcile the bills.

The legislative session ends on that date, and if a final version is not approved by both chambers, the gambling expansion talk may have to wait another year.

Patrick does not want that to happen.

The Senate bill that was passed this week calls for the creation of three casino resorts. No slots were awarded for state racetracks in the plan, and that could become a sticking point when negotiations begin with the House.

The House plan calls for only two casino resorts, but gives 750 slots for each of the state’s two horse tracks and two dog tracks.

So one of the sticking points is slots.

If the House and Senate can come to terms on an agreement, the possibility exists for millions of dollars to be pumped into the economy in Massachusetts.

Tax revenue would also be in the millions for a state that is facing severe budget deficiencies.

Why else would this be happening.

As I’ve said over and over…. states are desperate for money. People love to gamble.

Why not make it legal?


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