A State Run Casino in South Central Kansas? Could Happen.


More news that I just picket up from an Associated Press report.

I am just fascinated by the number of counties and states that want casino gambling as a way of raising revenues.

Hypocrites. If states weren’t so cash starved, you and I both know we wouldn’t have so many state run casinos.

Not that I’m complaining. Here is the latest news, from Kansas this time.

An Oklahoma company’s proposal to develop a casino has won a key endorsement as the state makes its third try in two years to get a state-owned casino off the drawing boards in south-central Kansas.

The Sumner County Commission voted 3-0 to endorse only the $255 million plan by Global Gaming LLC to build a casino at the Wellington exit of the Kansas Turnpike.

Harrah’s Kansas wants to build a $260 million casino and Peninsula Gaming Partners of Dubuque, Iowa, has proposed investing $300 million for its project’s first two phases.

A local TV station, KWCH reports the Sumner County commissioners believe the Wellington location would be the best for Sumner County.

Commissioner Jim Newell contended the Wellington casino was the only one with proper infrastructure and utilities in place.

About 30 people spoke at the public session, with about half supporting the casino near Wellington.

Seven others spoke in favor of the Mulvane site, and three asked commissioners to endorse all three proposals and let the state decide the best one.

A second attempt to build a casino in Sumner County failed last spring when Chisholm Creek Casino Resort withdrew its plans to build and manage a casino near Mulvane because of possible competition from a tribal casino in Park City, a Wichita suburb.

My take? Just build the freaking thing and people will come. OK?


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