Do You Think This is Right? New Rule in A.C. says Casino’s Can Keep Money in Slot Machines that Have been Terminated


I don’t know about you, but this pisses me off.

[And I realize that Atlantic City casinos are hurting and need all the revenue they can get…POOR THEM…like I feel sorry for those brick and mortars that have made billions off gamblers just like me.]

Anyway, seems like a new rule will allow casinos to end some of their less profitable multi machine slot jackpots and KEEP the money (if no one has won by the time the slot is terminated) that was the jackpot money.

Ain’t that a lot of crap?

About the only thing that is pro player is this: casinos would have to give the public 30 days’ notice; if no one wins by then, the casino can remove those machines and cancel the accrued jackpot.

The old regs required them to transfer the jackpot to a different progressive, or multi-machine system.

Which was fair.

This isn’t.

The change applies only to progressive slots within a single casino.

Progressive jackpots linked among several casinos would not be affected.

Regulators say the change allows casinos to more quickly get rid of underperforming slot brands and replace them with others.

Again, I shed no tears.

The changes also allows, get this: casinos to increase the odds of winning progressive jackpots from the current 50 million-to-1 to 100 million-to-1.

Might as well play Powerball. Or Mega Millions.

Bloody outrageous.


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