Betting Systems


There are plenty of people who make a living selling betting systems to people who like to gamble. Is it really that simple? Can I beat the house just by purchasing a betting system of someone?

The first thought that must have just popped into your head must be why would you sell a system to anyone that tells them how to beat the house? Isn’t that a secret worth keeping? If could beat the house then why worry about your $30 PDF?

Most casino games like Betfair slots are based on a series of random independent events. In a classic coin toss situation no software developer or casino owner would devise a profitable betting system because the odds are 50-50 on the heads and the tail outcome. In roulette there are 36 numbers but an added zero giving you 37 outcomes. If you bet on black, which is your even money bet, you have 18 chances to win (18 blacks) and 19 chances to lose (18 reds plus one zero). No betting system is going to show you how you can beat these odds.

Instead of searching for mythical betting systems like some Indiana Jones treasure hunt, spend time focussing on understanding the odds. If you can understand how the house edge is defined then you can understand what are the best bets for you to make in order for you to minimise your losses.

Remember that places like Betfair Jackpot Games also offer greater prizes, meaing greater reward if you play the odds carefully. Beware though! This advice may not necessarily make for a very exciting roller coaster of a gambling ride. If that is what you want then go and buy yourself a $30 PDF on how to beat the house!


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