Slot Machine Review: The Price is Right


The Price is Right is a television game show that was created by Bob Stewart and first aired on our television screens in the 1950s. The format of the game is for contestants to guess the monetary value of certain objects and for those who play casino games regularly will know, The Price Is Right is ideally suited to conversion into a slot machine game.

The main game is a five-reel, 25-pay line system where you can wager anywhere between 1p and £20 per line. The game is special for betfair casino gambling players because of all of its special features.

The Big Wheel Bonus is one such special feature but it can only be activated if you are playing all 25 pay lines plus wagering at least 10x your current bet value. The big wheel then spins around and stops on a special prize that you keep.

When you hit three “Host” symbols the mini games feature is activated. The mini game feature can also be activated if you are playing the Big Wheel because is doubles as one of the special prizes. One of the mini games featured is called the Secret X Feature.

The Secret X feature displays a grid of nine squares with three “?” symbols in the centre column. One of these symbols is covering the Secret X. You have to select one of the remaining six squares to place your own “X” and an item is then shown with two possible values. Correctly guessing the value allows you to proceed and place another “X” somewhere on the grid. Multiplier prizes are won if the X’s on the grid create a horizontal or diagonal line. Even if you lose you still come away with a consolation prize of 8x triggering bets.


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