Atlantic City’s Resorts Opens Gay Nightclub, A First Among A.C. Casinos


And why not?

I’m straight, but shouldn’t casinos offer up gay nightclubs for those who are so inclined?

I mean, when I’m gambling, who cares what’s going on in nightclub higher up in the hotel?

Of course, that’s me.

It’s a good idea though. Now, gays and lesbians who might feel uncomfortable in more traditional clubs in A.C. have a place to relax and gamble.

The club is called Prohibition (of course) and it’s on the 13th floor of Resorts Atlantic City.

“I feel like I fit in here,” said a lesbian patron. “I am so proud I lived to see this.”

“This” is Prohibition, the not-quite-2-month-old danceteria that is the first gay nightclub in an Atlantic City casino. It’s one of a number of innovations Resorts co-owner/CEO Dennis Gomes, who assumed control of the property in December, hopes will return the financially beleaguered gaming hall to profitability.

Located in a space formerly used as a high-roller lounge, Prohibition is small compared with dance clubs in some other casinos.

But its multistory ceiling keeps it from having a claustrophobic feel. Fake palm trees decorate the dance floor’s corners, and the DJs’ music is mostly contemporary stuff as opposed to that played in Resorts’ other disco, the ’70’s- and ’80s-themed Boogie Nights.

Perhaps the only things that identify Prohibition as a gay nightspot are the predominance of male patrons and the surprisingly graphic (though not hard-core) homoerotic videos projected on its large video screens.

Be interesting to see how it all works out.


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