Another Good Reason to Legalize Internet Casinos — Murder Suspects to Mexican Authorities: Those Casino Patrons We Murdered at the Monterrey Casino? “We Didn’t Intend to Kill Anyone.”


What crap.

Five suspects arrested for the attack last week on a casino in Monterrey, Mexico, that left 52 people dead told police investigators they did not plan to kill anyone and only wanted to scare the establishment’s owners.

Yeah. Right.

The suspects, who have confessed to the attack and are being held under a preventive arrest order were paraded before the press Tuesday at the Nuevo Leon state Attorney General’s Office.

The five men were photographed in front of the vehicles they used to carry out the attack last Thursday on the Casino Royale in Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo Leon.

Los Zetas, Mexico’s most violent drug cartel, is suspected of ordering the attack on the casino, Nuevo Leon Gov. Rodrigo Medina said Monday, citing information obtained following the suspects’ arrests. Los Zetas started out as the armed wing of the Gulf cartel but broke with that criminal organization in March 2010. The suspects told investigators they were “scolded” by their bosses for killing so many people at the casino, which was the target of an extortion racket common in several parts of Mexico, officials said. The suspects have confessed to the casino attack and other crimes, including kidnappings and murders, De la Garza said, adding that physical evidence, such as fingerprints, linked the men to the vehicles used in the attack. At least 12 people took part in the attack and videos from security cameras show “other accomplices” who had not been spotted by investigators during the initial review of the footage, De la Garza said.

Now you know why I believe in legalizing Internet Casinos and betting?


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