Yeah! Massachusetts Senate Approves Casino Gambling, Now Sure to Come By 2012


At long last…the Massachusetts Senate approved casino gambling. Now,  Governor Deval Patrick has to to sign the measure by the end of this year.

Slot machines could arrive as early as 2012.

The vote was 24-14 vote in favor.

It offers an opportunity to recapture hundreds of millions of gambling dollars that have crossed state lines – mostly to casinos in Connecticut – as well as the jobs that accompany them.

I told you long ago that gambling everywhere (except possibly the southern states) would be OK’d…just because of the tax money available to help close budget gaps.

Opponents, of course, warned of more crime, increased addiction, and potential corruption, blah blah blah.

Haven’t we heard this before?

But the Senate’s vote put many of those arguments in the rearview mirror, at least at the state level.

The Massachusetts House overwhelmingly passed a similar proposal last month/


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