Top poker players asked to speak out against the US government’s banning of online poker


The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has been trying hard to get top professional pokers to get President Obama to address the issue of online poker and mobile casino.

With one million members the PPA plays a prominent role in the poker community. Now it wants more of a proactive approach to the online poker ban.

The PPA executive director John Pappas submitted the following question to President Obama: “Regulating internet poker will establish strong consumer protections; create new jobs and revenues for states and the federal government. President Obama, will you support this common-sense public policy?”

So far Obama himself hasn’t addressed this issue himself. However his administration has stated that it intends to deal with the topic (although admittedly there is not much action so far).

All the PPA is asking for is a safe, legal and regulated online poker industry. If laws can be passed on a federal level, then individual states can start to adopting their own internet gambling laws. If this doesn’t happen then many of the pros will be quickly departing America for pastures new – Macau, Europe, Hong Kong. Already pros like Tom Dwan have indicated that it is becoming harder and harder to remain in the US without the possibility of online poker.

The PPA believes that if they can get a few notable spokespeople in the loop then they stand a better chance of getting this issue on the table. It seems ridiculous that, in the land of the free (and Las Vegas), people cannot play poker in the comfort of their own homes. With proper regulation – so that no repeat of the Full Tilt fiasco happens – online poker should be available to Americans sooner rather than later.

Elsewhere in poker news, the British players taking part in the European Poker Tour appear to be doing extremely well at the moment. explained: “Leading the British charge is none other than Chris Brammer who ended the day having turned his 30,000 starting stack into 80,700. Brammer, as predicted, recently became the number one ranked player for online poker tournaments and he will be hoping to reproduce his form at the virtual felt in France this week.”

“He more than anyone knows there is still a long way to go in this tournament but he has put himself in a great position for a deep run at EPT Deauville and we will certainly be keeping an eye on his progress.”

“Hot on his heels is the 2010 Irish Open champion James Mitchell who will start Day 2 with just 700 fewer chips than Mr Brammer. Mitchell has a good record on French soil having finished fifth in the €500 Pot Limit Omaha event at last year’s EPT Deauville and more recently had deep runs in both the €1,000 and €3,000 buy-in events at the World Series of Poker Europe in Cannes. “

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