One lucky winner will be given chance to win £1 on a roulette wheel


New real-money casino app Roller will give one lucky punter the chance to win £1 million on the spin of a roulette wheel. Roller are a Paddy Power branch and this new marketing campaign which is called ‘The £1m Bet’ will run for four weeks.

Then, there will be a live stream of the all important spin with celebrity George Lamb hosting the event.

The campaign begins with a ‘Zoom and Search’ feature being displayed for a fortnight on Facebook and players are challenge to discover at least 35 of 40 cultural symbols and icons, with a clues being revealed daily. Players that manage to do this will then head into the final challenge and give themselves a chance to win this life-changing sum of money.

The final stage challengers players to come up with the most entertaining and original reason as to why they should be given the chance to win the £1m bet. The results will be decided by how much response the answers get on social channels.

Paddy Power special projects senior marketing manager Ian MacLeod said: “What’s so exciting is that after all the build up and the buzz, it will come down to a £1 million spin of the roulette wheel. That kind of boldness is what Roller is all about – being different, being daring, being cutting-edge.”

It seems as though both Paddy Power and Roller know what they are doing as this marketing campaign is sure to bring in a whole host of new punters in and that all important spin is sure to be watched by many.

If it goes well, then this could become an annual event and be one of the highlights of the casino year and even Fruit Machine Players could be convinced to give this a go.


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