The Poker Chip


The term ‘chip and a chair’ has legendary status on par with ‘one time’. We all know and love our chairs, but what do we really know about our poker chips? Let’s find out as we examine five of the very best.

Top Chip #1 – Laser Graphic Poker Chips
The laser graphic poker chip is made of clay composite and contains a metal insert. The pictures are applied with laser graphics and the 14-gram chip looks amazing. A 1000 piece chip set will cost you between $100-200, making them excellent value for money.

Top Chip #2 – Ceramic Poker Chips
Ceramic chips weigh a little less than the clay composite cousin. The 10-gram circular chips are the same size as standard casino grade chips. The identifications on the chips are burned into the ceramic so they are not in danger of fading. Chips sets of this ilk come are between $300-400 for a 1000 piece set.

Top Chip #3 – Clay Poker Chips
Clay poker chips are at the high end of the pay scale and are often the most popular used in the casinos worldwide. Paulson are the biggest firm to create and distribute clay poker chips and you will pay $1,000+ for a 1,000-piece set.

Top Chip #4 – Clay Composite Chips
The Clay Composite Chips look like the high-end Clay chips and this is what makes them so popular. They weigh in at 11.5 grams and cost anywhere between $100-150 for a 1,000 piece set.

Top Chip #5 – Plastic Chips
These are the bargain basement chip sets that you will find hanging around your local home games. The ones you find hiding under the tree at Christmas time. If you are just starting out then this is a good place to start with chip sets started at very low prices.


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