Three-Handed Tournament Action


Without doubt, there is a world of difference between cash game poker and tournament poker, but it doesn’t do you any harm to have a bit of experience playing them both.

Take three-handed play at the business end of a tournament for example. If you have zero cash game experience, the Betfair poker tips can help you get started. However, you are going to be relying on your tournament prowess to get you deep often enough to give you experience in the three-handed format.

This just isn’t going to happen as often you would like, leaving you horribly exposed when the time comes to put up or shut up.

The unique thing about three-handed play is you are always involved in the thick of the action, as you will either be sitting in the blinds of the superior position of the button.

The action will be fast and very furious as your ranges widen to take advantage of the fact that there are just so few combos coming out of the deck than you would find in a short-handed or full ring table.

Stack sizes and pay jumps become incredibly important and will largely dictate the way that you play. If you are the short stack then you will want to be picking up the blinds and antes with some well timed shoves.

But if you are the piggy in the middle, you really want to be playing the waiting game, because you want the short stack to bust.

The difference between third and second is often significant and the player with the larger stack is very likely to be wielding it like Bruce Lee and a set of nunchucks.

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