The House is Your Biggest Enemy


Turn on your computer, and you’re  ready to play… in your pajamas, at 3 am, between long hours making dull reports and memos. All you need to do is sign up at a poker site or any of the other online casinos. The question is which site to join, and how friendly their player software is.For those who don’t want to download any software, choose online casinos that use either Java or Macromedia. No, not Java coffee (although nothing like a jolt of caffeine to keep you on the alert for a good hand).

Java based softwares load directly into your Internet browser, no installations required. Others will use Shockwave or Flash, which also loads into your browser. However, you may be asked to download Macromedia plug ins for it to run properly. Check your system requirements. The disadvantage of Java and Macromedia is that each time you play, you have to wait for the graphics and sounds to download. It can slow things down a bit, and you’ll need reliable Internet access.

However, you don’t have to worry about a conflict with your system. They run on most computers and operating systems. These are the best options for people who just want to try a few games now and then, or are just trying out a casino site. If you plan to play at a particular casino for a long time, you can download their software. These are usually Windows based.

Since the software will take at least five megabytes of space (some will use up as much as 15) you’ve got to be more or less decided on using the site frequently. However, the advantage of these softwares is that they’re more stable (you don’t have to worry as much about being disconnected) and your private information is kept more secure, Then there are the downloadable software casinos, which will only run on Windows-based platforms.

File sizes generally range from 5-15 megabytes, so you should make sure you are definitely planning to play at this casino before investing the time to download. If you run Windows, I recommend that you stick to these download casinos. They are generally more stable and secure, and since you don’t need to be continuously connected to the game server a dial up connection will do just fine.


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