Bonuses can make the world of difference


I think the best way to play online poker for profit if your skills are somewhat limited is to simply either play a rakeback orientated game or go for sign up bonuses. This is the way that I started and if you can put the hours in then you can usually work off the bonuses within the specified time period. These days I grind the full ring cash games but I have no problem being the type of poker player that I am.

I know that I will never become a great player or even one that could be classed as “very good”. However I do have a style of play that I know will at least not be dominated when I play NL50 full ring and NL100 full ring. This is the key because if you can break even on the tables then this is where profits can be made. Playing a tight style at NL100 should net you around $1500/month in rakeback playing full time and that is 15 buy-ins.

When you have a tight style then you should earn a little on the tables as well and even $10/hour boosts your monthly earn to over $3000. This isn’t mega money but it is a living and you left school with no meaningful qualifications like I did then it is a damn site better than working in some minimum wage dead end job with a horrible boss to cope with.

The fact of the matter is that the online competition is so fierce now with the card rooms that you can literally pick and choose your bonuses.


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