The online poker game dynamic


Not all poker sites are the same…….trust me because I should know. I have played at literally dozens of online poker sites since around 2001 and that number is more than fifty as it stands. So I am well aware of just how the average skill level differs from site to site and network to network. Recently I have been scanning poker games and specifically the lower middle stakes no limit hold’em cash games and there seems good value in these games to me. So just what type of value are we talking about?

Well firstly in ring games then there are different types of fish and it pays to know and understand how each one operates. The most common type of fish at say NL50 is the “weak-tight reg”. You may play on some sites and levels and see very small average pot sizes and a small percentage for the number of players seeing the flop. This may appear on the surface to be a very tough game. Well it can really only be tough if you go on and play exactly the same way as they do.

This means playing very small ranges and never opening up your ranges and speculating from position. Playing a nuts orientated game is simply going to be playing the same way as everyone else. I found these games to be weak but not weak in so much that the players were making big mistakes in big pots but just weak as in being tight and predictable. If you know that a player is never going to stack off with a bluff or semi-bluff and only with strong hands then this is a great advantage. In fact when they stack off then we are not even looking at a polarised range……we are looking at something far more straight forward than that and this is the nuts or something approaching it.

So it is clear that your profits will come from playing smaller pots and building your session result in increments. I love these sorts of games because you can almost dictate your own result. If you multi-table these lower levels then your strike rate for sessions won compared to sessions lost is very high. In fact the best players at NL50 and NL100 who multi-table often have a 80% strike rate for winning sessions. Is it any wonder that these players never have losing months?


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