Correcting Poker Mistakes


Some years ago I used to stack off horribly in deep stack no limit Texas hold’em until I learned about pivot points reading strategy at sites like In limit hold’em then the key pivot point arrives when we see the turn card. This is when the betting increments double and twice the amount of money goes into the pot on each betting round. In a $2-$4 game with $1-$2 blinds then the bets and raises are in increments of $2. However on the turn and river then they double to $4. This means that any mistakes are magnified on the turn and river.

Losing value becomes more of an issue and also folding the best hand is a huge blunder. While the betting doesn’t double in a linear way in no limit Texas hold’em in the same way that it does in limit, the betting on the final two rounds is many times greater than what it is on the first two rounds.

If there has been a raise and a call in no limit hold’em then the action may be something like 3.5bb on your part. If you c-bet the flop then you may bet something like 5.5bb and if you started with a 100bb stack then only 9% of your stack has been placed into the pot on the first two betting rounds.

Meanwhile on the final two betting rounds then the remaining 91% has the capacity to be risked and thus lost. While it is possible for your entire stack to be put in the middle both pre-flop and on the flop, it is the final two betting rounds on the turn and the river where you tend to get the rest of your stack in the middle. So we can see then that the turn is the big pivot point in no limit Texas hold’em just like it is in limit hold’em.

It is the point of the hand where both you and your opponent face possible pot commitment and where you need to decide if you have a hand worth committing with or not. It is also the stage of the hand where any further action on behalf of your opponent is likely indicative of a very powerful hand with bluffing being much less likely. It is only when you correct the mistakes that you make in deep stack play that you will then truly become a proficient player in NLHE cash games.


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